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Cutting & Styling

Services to meet your hair cutting and styling needs.

Shampoo, Roller Set & Style$50.00
Silk Press (neck length)$65.00
Silk Press (shoulder length)$65.00
Hair Trims$25.00
Hair Cuts$50.00

Steam Hydration

Restore moisture with a steam, hydration designed to deeply moisturize leaving hair manageable and shiny.

30 minutes$25.00

Hair Relaxers, Perms, & Treatments

D'LOR offers an Anti-breakage Treatment and the Nioxin Scalp Therapy System. Call for a consultation and more information.

Virgin Relaxer starting at$95.00
Re-Touch Relaxer, starting at$75.00
Corrective Relaxer, starting at $80.00
Permanent Wave, starting at$80.00
Reconstructive Conditioner$25.00
Moisture Treatment, starting at$25.00
Nioxin Scalp Treatment, starting at$15.00
Reconstructive Conditioner starting at$25.00

Hair Color

Expert coloring and highlighting services by our professional staff.

Cellophane, Starts at$45.00
Highlights, Starts at$90.00
Partial Highlights, starts at $60.00
Virgin Color, starts at $80.00
Custom Color, starts at$100.00
Gray Hair Corrective, starts at $15.00
Color Corrective, starts at $100.00
Semi-Permanent Color$50.00

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving

Bonding (per piece) $15.00
Sewn - In (per piece) $45.00
Sewn - In (full head), (starts at)$350.00
Quick Weave, (starts at)$200.00
Micro braids, (starts at) $600.00
Infusion (full head), starts at $600.00
Extension Removal (starts at)$75.00

Shampoo & Roller Set (starting at)

Shampoo, roller set and style

30 minutes$45.00
Shampoo/ Specialty Style$50.00
Shampoo/ Blow Dry$50.00
Shampoo/ Press$65.00

Natural Styling

All Natural Styling

Finger Styling Waves$50.00
Flat Twist Set$65.00
Double-Strand Twist Set$85.00
Two-Strand Twist Set$95.00
Specialty Sets (Flexi-Rod, Spiral, P-Ring etc.)$85.00
Finger Coils$80.00
Comb Twists (in)$85.00
Comb Twists (out)$85.00
Loc Maintenance$95.00
Straw Set$85.00

Other Services


Partial Relaxer$25.00
Fringe/ Bangs$20.00


Get all warm and cozy with our amazing offerings right in time for fall

NEW! Pumpkin Spice Body Wrap

You simply must indulge in this luxurious natural body scrub & body masque featuring healthy antioxidants and enzymes to exfoliate, condition and smooth the skin.

90 minutes$125.00

NEW! Fall Hand Glow Treatment

This treatment begins with a cleansing scrub, Collagen mask that infused skin plumping collagen to give your hands and feet a youthful glow.

20 minutes$20.00

NEW! Fall Foot Glow Treatment

This treatment begins with a cleansing scrub, Collagen mask that infused skin plumping collagen to give your hands and feet a youthful glow.

20 minutes$20.00

NEW! Pumpkin Spice Mani & Pedi

This amazing body treatment will plunge you right into fall with antioxidant filled pupmkin to exfoliating scrub followed by creamy moisturizing aromatic mud. Also comes with a FREE Milk n' Honey Cuticle Oil Stick while supplies last!


NEW! Sublime Collagen Eye Contour

Your eyes endure a lot of stress each day, don’t they deserve a treatment all their own?

Begins with Collagen Eye Contour Serum to visibly decreases dark circles and puffiness.
The covered in Youth Activator fluid, rich in hyaluronic acid.
Finishes with Triple Action Cream, to minimize the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, expression lines and wrinkles.

45 minutes$65.00

Nail Care

Exceptional services to invigorate and restore the health and beauty of your nails.

Papaya Pineapple Pedicure

Perfect for spring and summer, this refreshing treatment includes a papaya pineapple scrub, masque and silky massage cream! Try it with our Paradise Shellac Polish for a splash of color.

45 minutes$40.00

Gel Manicure

Enjoy your manicure longer with a 2 week Gel Polish Manicure.

30 minutes$35.00

D'LOR Signature Therapy

We begin by combining natural aloe and shea butter to improve elasticity and hydration of skin and nails. Expert grooming is followed by paraffin to exfoliate skin and enhance lymphatic flow. A soothing massage and finishing polish will leave your hands and feet beautiful. Customize with a D'LOR signature blend of your choice.



Each of our manicure/pedicure services include herbal soaking, nail and cuticle grooming, moisturizing, and a palm and sole pleasing massage.


Hot Stone

Smooth, warm, basalt stones are used to massage the muscles relieving tension and stress.


Ginger-Orange Sugar Rub

Ginger detoxifies naturally while orange stimulates circulation and promotes a healthy glow in nails and skin


Warm Lavender Calming Oil

Combining the anti-fungal and anti-viral properties with the benefits of ultra nourishing lavender - this warm oil treatment will heal dry, split cuticles and leave skin healthy and hydrated.


Gentlemen's Sport

Includes herbal soak, grooming, exfoliating scrub and relaxing massage. Signature blends include Rosemary-Mint or Tea Tree-Lemon-Sage.



Experience a soothing deep heat hydration treatment with our Paraffin. Also includes a cleanse and exfoliation. Envelope your hands and feet with softening paraffin while relieving joint selling and tightness.


Body Care

Rejuvenating body care services utilizing the finest products available.

Organic Sugar Rub

This special treatment featuring 100% Turbinado will invigorate and enrich your skin with care. This treatment is finished with an enriching body crème.

45 minutes$60.00

Coconut Body Polish

Leave your skin feeling wonderful fast. Silkened organic sugar polish skin smooth with weightless moisturizer that hydrates the skin and leaves a satiny smooth finish.

45 minutes$50.00

Seaweed Body Wrap

A detoxifying Inch Reduction Wrap that reduces inches and fat with micronized French seaweed mud and a 30 min infrared sauna treatment followed by a hydrotherapy steam shower. This wrap reduces body fat and increases circulation, but most of all it helps rid the body of harmful toxins and excessive water weight.

90 minutes$125.00


Experience our professional facial products and services.

Enhance Your Facial Experience
You can enhance your facial experience by adding a Glycolic, Beta Hydroxy Acid Treatment, Enzyme Treatment, Specialty Mask, or Extractions. Call for pricing and information.

D'LOR Signature Facial

This treatment is a key building block to healthy, well balanced skin. Includes a skin analysis, steam therapy and customized skin care products to replenish lost moisture for a visible more youthful appearance. Soothing massage completes this wonderful experience.

75 minutes$125.00

Deep Pore Facial

This facial is ideal for problematic skin. We begin with a skin analysis and preparation for extractions. A clay mask will be applied to purify and calm the skin. Therapeutic massage, moisturizer and sun block application complete this facial.

50 minutes$85.00

Oxygenating Facial

Tried everything else on the market and no results? This revolutionary 5 step oxygen treatment is designed to clear congestion, control acne, and brighten the skin.

60 minutes$100.00

Rejuvenating Facial

In this facial, your skin is first analyzed and steamed to release impurities. Enzymes mask applications aids in exfoliation process and rid the skin of any free radicals. Your skin is then masked, massaged, moisturized and protected.

50 minutes$75.00

Gentleman's Facial

A deep cleansing and exfoliating facial using steam, warm towels, enzymes and masks designed specifically for men. Completed with moisturizer application and relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage

50 minutes$75.00

Teen Facial

Designed for teens ages 13 - 18, male and female. This facial gently focuses on the specific needs of delicate skin. Teens are also educated in proper skin care with suggested home care products.

50 minutes$65.00


This non-invasive, non-surgical procedure buffs the outer layer of skin to reveal radiant new skin. Microdermbrasion also stimulates skin's collagen production for younger, smoother skin. Specifically designed to treat sun damage, fine lines, uneven texture, age spots and large pores. It is recommended in a series of treatments to achieve and maintain optimal results.

70 minutes$150.00

Derm Renewal Clinical Peel

This revolutionary treatment is designed to clear the complexion and breathe life back into dull, fatigued and stressed skin.

This five-step treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin followed by a chemical peel to eliminate dead skin cells, which are suffocating the skin. A unique Oxygen Complex penetrates into the skin by a relaxing effleurage massage to invigorate the skin and restore its radiance.
The sensorial Oxygen Mask is applied, alleviating visible signs of stress and fatigue, all the while allowing you to enjoy a well-deserved rest. The treatment concludes with a final application of the Normalizing Cream to eliminate acne congestion and Sodium Hyaluronate to moisturize.
Your skin will be radiant, moisture-balanced with a restored, youthful glow.

60 minutes$95.00

Visible Lifting Eye Treatment

Tired of dark circles and puffy eyes?? This 2 step treatment lightens and hydrates the undereye area quickly. Great as an add on to brow waxing or lash extensions.

30 minutes$20.00

Collagen II 90 Anti-Aging Facial

Ready for more youthful looking skin? This luxurious clinical treatment provides the benefits of combining L-Ascorbic Acid (pure Vitamin C) and cutting edge technology for optimal anti-aging results.

90 minutes$150.00

Hydrating Facial

30 minute hydrating express facial

Moisturizing Express Facial$45.00


Let your aches and pains melt away with our professional massage therapy.

D'LOR Signature

Your journey begins with an herbal foot bath to enlighten the senses. "Breathing Point" Release and scalp massage restore harmony while a soothing body massage coupled with rhythmic stretching creates balance throughout your total being. Customize your experience by choosing a D'LOR Signature Aromatherapy.

75 minutes$100.00

Aroma/Swedish Massage

Gliding strokes using gentle to firm pressure place you on the path to improved circulation, relaxation and wellness. Enhance your treatment with aromatherapy essential oils blended especially for you.

30 minutes$60.00
60 minutes$85.00
90 minutes$105.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to de-stress and detoxify the body by manipulation of specific muscle groups. This massage uses deep pressure to relieve pain, improve range of motion and muscle health.

60 minutes$100.00
90 minutes$125.00

Sports Massage

Structural integration and lengthening stretches are used to target key areas. This intensive massage treats painful chronic conditions, sports injuries, defines muscles and restores range of motion by reconditioning the muscle groups and fascia. Target an area with 1 session or the entire body with 5 sessions.

60 minutes$125.00
90 minutes$145.00
2 hours$175.00

Hot Stone Massage

Experience your tension melt away as healing heat delivers relief deep into the muscles. Hot basalt stones provide the ultimate massage experience.

60 minutes$125.00
90 minutes$145.00


Uplift your "Sole". An herbal foot bath rejuvenates as pressure points on the feet are released to reflect vitality through the entire body.

30 minutes$45.00
60 minutes$85.00

Pregnancy Massage

Enhance peace and tranquility between mother-to-be and baby. Nurturing massage provides comfort, promotes circulation and relieves discomfort where it is needed most. To be experiences in 2nd and 3rd trimester only.

60 minutes$85.00
90 minutes$105.00

Intense Foot Relief Therapy

Specially designed to relieve tired, sore lower legs and tight feet with your choice of aromatic soaks of Eucalyptus-Lemon or Rosemary-Mint and a deep penetrating foot massage. This massage will focus stretching and pressure point work to relax muscles and release built up tension

30 minutes$45.00

Hair Removal

We offer Waxing and Laser Hair Removal


Hair removal using the latest products and techniques.

Brow, Series of 6$75.00
Bikini, Series of 6$150.00
Underarm, Series of 6 $100.00
Full Leg$70.00
Full Leg, Series of 6$350.00
Half Leg$35.00
Half Leg, Series of 6$175.00
Neck $15.00
Neck, Series of 6$75.00
Stomach, Series of 6$75.00
Brazilian, Series of 6$375.00
Chest, Series of 6$175.00
Half Arm$28.00
Half Arm, Series of 6$140.00
Full Arm$40.00
Full Arm, Series of 6 $200.00
Lip, Series of 6$60.00
Cheek, Series of 6$75.00
Chin, Series of 6$50.00
Back, Series of 6$225.00

Beauty and Make-Up

Make-Up Applique'

Concealer, Foundation, Lip and Eye Color

30 minutes$50.00

Bridal Make-Up Applique'

Concealer, Foundation, Blush, Eye and Lip Color and Brow Contour and Lash Extensions, Strips or Individual Lashes

30 minutes$65.00

Strip Lash Extensions

The quickest way to make your eyes pop! last 1-2 days

10 minutes$15.00

Individual Lash Extensions

Add natural looking length and fullness, lasts up to 2 weeks

15 minutes$35.00

Semi Pemanent Lash Extensions

NEW SERVICE! Semi Permanent Lashes are the most natural look possible. Lashes lasts up to 3 months!

90 minutes$250.00

Valentines Spa Services

Enjoy our decadent February Spa Treatments

Lover's Express

Start with a herbal steam sauna and finish with your choice of a 30 min Hot Chocolate Oil Massage, Cocoa-Mint Body Scrub, Warm Chocolate Masque Facial or Cocoa-Mint Manicure & Pedicure all for only $50 each. Build your own package by combining as many as you like.

30 minutes each$50.00

Warm Soy Couple's Massage

Melt away your stress with a soothing herbal infused foot bath and 1-hr Massage featuring our all natural hand-made Khreativ Soy Kandles. These candles melt down into a luxurious moisturizer perfect for couples to experience together. Limited time only.

60 minutes$170.00
30 minutes$100.00

Sweet Couples Massage Deals

Spend time together relaxing in our couple's room with massages and more including champagne. Great to enjoy with a sweet heart, a friend or just for you!

30 minutes$100.00
1 hr Aromatherapy Massage & Ionic Foot Detox$200.00
Hot Stone Massage & Herb Rose Foot Soak$250.00
90 min. Deep Tissue Massage$200.00

Cocoa-Mint Scrub Mani-Pedi

Have your feet feeling delicious with a stimulating manicure pedicure with rich Cocoa and uplifting Mint.


Cocoa-Creme Masque Facial

Give your skin the brightening properties of chocolate with a creamy chocolate mousse mask.

50 minutes$75.00

Creamy Cocoa Body Polish

Get wrapped up in the super indulgent coconut cream and cocoa full body exfoliating treatment that will leave your skin incredibly smooth and smelling unbelievable!

45 minutes$60.00

Chocolate Lovers

Indulge with this dreamy treatment. 1-hr Warm Chocolate Oil Massage, Creamy Cocoa-Brown Body Polish with a Cocoa-Mint Manicure & Pedicure for a deliciously relaxing treatment.

3 hours$200.00

Sweet Cheeks Package

Deep Pore Facial with Cocoa Creme Mask and Creamy Cocoa Body Polish

Sweet Cheeks$140.00


Combine hair, nail and body care services and experience the ultimate in pampering.

Couple's Retreat

A Wonderful experience to enjoy together.
Couple's Signature massage, ginger -Orange Manicure & Pedicure, Spa Lunch

Set Price$375.00

Prom Perfection

Shampoo and prom style, Manicure, Pedicure, Make-up Applique', Brow Wax, Strip Lashes and a FREE LIP GLOSS for prom night touchups. Save $75!

Prom Perfection $200.00

A Truly Signature Experience

D'LOR Signature Massage, D'LOR Signature Facial, D'LOR Signature Manicure and Pedicure, and Organic Sugar Rub. *Includes Spa Lunch and Complimentary gift.

Set price$365.00

Prom Night Beauty

Look beautiful with wonderful skincare and expert makeup applique for a flawless prom night look. Save $25.

Prom Night Beauty$115.00

Gentlemen's Package

Gentlemen's Deep Pore Facial, Herbal Steam, Sports Massage & Sport Manicure.

Set price$230.00

D'Lor Makeover Package

Shampoo, Scalp Treatment & Style, Deep Pore Facial, Green Tea & Jasmine Manicure, Make-Up Application

Set price$285.00

D'Lor Spa Day

Rejuvenating Facial, Aromatherapy Massage, Express Manicure & Pedicure

Set price$210.00

Girlfriends Day For Two

Herbal Aromatherapy Foot Bath, 1hr Aromatherapy Massage, Infra Red Sauna and Spa Snack.

Set price$230.00

Father's Day Packages

Surprise Dad this Father's Day with a well-deserved relaxing spa gift

Express Dad's Package

Herbal Steam Sauna, 1-hour Deep Tissue Massage and Deep Pore Facial

2 hours$150.00

Happy Dad's Package

1-hr Aromatherapy to relax sore muscles and Ionic Foot Detox to remove toxins and give your immune system the boost it needs

90 minutes$100.00

Signature Dad's Package

Spoil Dad with a Herbal Steam Sauna, 90 min customized Aromatherapy Massage, Express Facial, Eucalyptus Lemon Scrub Manicure & Pedicure

3.5 hours$225.00

Bridal Packages

Indulge in the Best Services for your special day!

Call to ask about our UPGRADES!

Picture Perfect

Oxygenating Facial with Eye Treatment
Bridal Make-Up & Lashes

Look picture perfect with a facial designed to cleanse and tone leaving a matte, smooth look, perfect for prepping skin for an amazing make-up application. This amazing facial can be performed on your big day just prior to your makeup.

2 hours$200.00

Wedding Dress Ready

4 Lipo-Contour Inch Loss Sessions with Detox Sauna, 2 Ionic Foot Detox Sessions

Lose inches, tighten skin with this safe, pain-free inch loss treatment that requires no down time. Consultation required, recommended for 6 weeks before wedding day.

90 minutes$250.00

Deluxe Bridal Package

Become a radiant, relaxed and beautiful bride!
Bridal Hairstyle
Bridal Make-Up Appliqué, Brow Wax & Lash Extension
Shellac Manicure & Deluxe Pedicure
Smooth Skin Body Polish & Express Massage

5 hours$345.00

Express Bridal Package

Get ready quickly for your special day! Perfect for brides maids too!
Bridal Style
Shampoo, Basic Trim or Deep Conditioner
Bridal Make –Up Appliqué
Brow Wax
Express Manicure & Pedicure

3 hours$190.00

Teen Bridesmaid Package

~ Give a gift to the special young ladies in your bridal party ~
Basic Up Do or Elegant Ponytail
Shampoo & Style
Make-Up Appliqué
Make –Up Appliqué of light blush for eyes and cheeks, lip color or gloss
Express Manicure & Pedicure

2 hours$110.00

Flower Girl Package

Treat the little ladies of the day
Basic Up Do or Elegant Ponytail
Polish for Hands and Feet
Face Highlight blush and lipgloss (Complimentary w/ Brides Make Up)

2 hours$50.00

Grooms Package

~ Look and Feel rested and relaxed on your big day ~
Gentlemen’s Facial
Sport Manicure & Pedicure
Herbal Steam & Massage (60min)

3 hours$210.00

Grooms Man Package

Herbal Steam & Massage (60 min)
Sport Manicure

90 minutes$105.00

Inch Loss Body Sculpting

Choose from our services that help you reduce inches, reduce the appearance of cellulite.


An all new fat melting treatment that uses radio frequency waves to melt fat and reduce inches. Its safe, non-invasive, pain less and requires no down time.

60 minutes$50.00

Jumpstart Detox Package

Give your body a boost with health and wellness with your choice of Dry Heat Infrared Sauna or Steam Sauna, Ionic Foot Detox & 1 hr Aromatherapy Massage. A quick way to rejuvenate and uplift.

2 hours$125.00

Body Sculpting Package

Lose up to 5 inches in 6 week with this package that includes:
(4) Lipo-Contour Treatments, (1) Ionic Foot Detox to remove toxins, (1)Lymphatic Massage to flush away impurities and (1) Seaweed Body Wrap to firm and tone skin.

60 minutes$350.00

Body Detoxification

Great treatments to jumpstart your body's lymphatic system and aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

Ionic Foot Detox

Detoxification of your entire body by removing heavy metals, parasites and toxins.
Aids in increasing energy, improved sleep, improves digestion, reduces bloating,
and boosts your body's immune system.

30 minutes$45.00

Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. Infrared light rays remove toxins from organs, increases circulation, relieves sore muscles, reduces arthritis pain and burns calories. A Great treatment for fibromyalgia.

30 minutes$20.00

Ionic Foot Detox & Massage

Promote circulation and relieve tired, achy feet with a relaxing foot massage following your ionic foot detox treatment.

45 minutes$65.00

Ionic Foot Detox & Herbal Foot Treatment

Show your body and feet some love after your ionic foot detox with an exfoliating and softening scrub followed by invigorating foot massage to leave feet silky and relaxed.

60 minutes$75.00

Happy New You Deals

Happy New You

Express Spa Day

Perfect for busy people in your life with a relaxing 30 min Aromatherapy Massage, Hydrating Facial, Manicure & Pedicure.

Spa Day Express$150.00

D'Lor Makeover

Treat yourself to beauty with a Shampoo/Style*, Shellac Manicure & Pedicure and Make-Up Applique. Hair service up to $55.

3 hours$170.00

Spa Retreat Day

Indulge and relax starting with a relaxing sauna, 1hr Aromatherapy Massage, Rejuvenating Facial, Rosemary Mint Scrub Manicure and Pedicure.

Retreat Day Pacakage$225.00

Deluxe Spa Day

Deluxe treatment with an ultra relaxing all day package which includes a 90 min Aromatherapy Massage, Organic Sugar Scrub, Deep Pore Facial, Eye Treatment & Rosemary Mint Masque Manicure & Pedicure.

Spa Day Deluxe$350.00

Mothers Day

Mother's Day Retreat Package

Infrared Sauna, 1 hour Aromatherapy Massage, Rejuvenating Facial and Grapefruit-Herb Manicure and Pedicure

Retreat Package$220.00

Makeover for Mom

Shampoo, Steam Hydration, Trim & Style, Shellac Manicure and Make-up Applique

Makeovers for Mom$155.00

Mother's Day Express

30-minute Aromatherapy Massage, Express Facial and Express Manicure and Pedicure

120 minutes$150.00

Mother's Day Deluxe

90 min Aromatherapy Massage, Organic Sugar Body Scrub, Collagen 90 Anti-Aging Facial, Rosemary-Mint Manicure / Pedicure and Paraffin Treatment for

Mothers Day Deluxe$345.00

Healthy Mom

Treat your mom to health and wellness with an Infrared Sauna, Ionic Foot Detox & 30 min Aromatherapy Massage.

90 minutes$95.00